What's bringing on your back pain?

Have you ever woken up with back pain... 

and thought, I didn't even do anything to cause this or bring it on. Why am I in pain? Did I just sleep funny?

What many people do not know, or understand, is that it is not always a case of what you did 5 minutes ago, how you slept last night, or what you did yesterday, or even last week, that is causing their current problem; sometimes it is actually what you HAVE NOT been doing that causes pain to flare up. 

Discovering the Cause

Sometimes rather than a specific injury, or a really hard workout, it is actually chronic stress (most of us have plenty of stress in our lives)  that puts our nervous system in a frenzy, and finally causes our back to "go out.". This usually happens due to carrying the weight of all of that stress on your neck and back. When we are stressed we carry our posture differently, causing things to go out of alignment, and our muscles to fire up, finally leading to pain, or headaches. 

Here is a perfect example that might help things to be put into perspective. Lets say you go to a local coffee shop and put your purchase on your bank debit card. All of a sudden, the employee at the counter gives you that look and says "your card has insufficient funds, we can not accept this form of payment."

 It’s not this one charge, or that one coffee, that “broke the bank,” it’s all the money you spent before this purchase and the fact that you didn’t properly manage your account in the first place that put you in this predicament. Now, you’re faced with fees, embarrassment and the inconvenience of having to deal with the situation. It’s the same with your health–ignore it and it will eventually  find a way to let you know you’re overlooking something. 

The best way to stay on top of things so you don’t wind up “over spent” is to stay on schedule with your chiropractic adjustments, eat healthy foods, exercise, sleep at least eight hours each night, and learn how to manage your stress. It is always easier, more cost beneficial, and less painful to take care of yourself before there is a problem, rather than after the problem is already present.

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